Indulge in a symphony of perfectly paired beverages, enhancing the flavors of your steak and pasta, elevating every savory bite to an unforgettable culinary crescendo.

Fresh Juice

Treat yourself to a refreshing burst of natural goodness with our selection of freshly squeezed juices, adding a delightful touch of freshness to accompany your delectable steak and pasta.

Tea & Others

Discover a delightful assortment of teas and refreshing beverages, perfectly paired to enhance the flavors of your steak and pasta, making every sip a delightful part of your dining journey.

Reguler Tea

(Hot / Ice) (Sweetened / Unsweetened)

Earl Grey

Green Tea Jasmine


Ice Lemon Tea

Soft Drink

Coca cola / Sprite / Fanta / A&W Sarsapilla

Mineral Water

600 ml


Minute Maid


Stinger Malt Drink

(Non – Alcohol) (Classic / Lemon / Apple / Pineapple / Pear / Pomegranate)

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